Sunday, September 20, 2009

Button Buttons Everywhere

A couple weekends ago I posted on Facebook that I was going to the local flea market with my family and that I was in search of buttons. I wasn't looking for them for any particular reason, it is just more fun to have something to be looking for when you're rambling around the flea market.

Well a couple of my friends from CQFA brought me these bags of buttons at our recent meeting because they'd read that post. Ask and ye shall receive right? Because I didn't find any jars of buttons at the flea market that day. Well, I did find one, but it was giant honking huge wood buttons and the glass had all this condensation on the inside which kind of grossed me out, so I didn't buy them!
The big bag of buttons was from Dolores and there were all kinds of goodies in there, including some buckles.

These were the buttons in the smaller bag from Bronwen. I just like sorting them out by color to see how they look together.

And these old button cards are always fun, with all those old-style fonts, line drawings, almost archaic phrases and of course, very very cheap prices.

Now I have buttons as far as I can see! Thanks my friends!


Jaye said...

Love the bottom photo. Very cool. Ask and you shall receive is right!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, my offer of buttons cannot compare with what you got, and yours are so nice I am jealous......pout.....heehee!!!! ;)
I would say you hit the motherlode, and there is some really cool stuff in that mix! Good for you girl!