Thursday, September 17, 2009

An ATC Attempt

At the last few CQFA meetings an ATC trade has been happening. This last Saturday I woke up and remembered, oops, forgot to make them! Luckily I had just enough time to make some to take with me to the meeting.
ATC's are really fun to make and I have quite a collection from other swaps online, but this was going to be in person, and I didn't want to miss out again.
I used up a lot of scraps that were on my table, and some batting scraps too. After making an interesting design that will be cut up into the correct size (2.5 x 3.5") I started stitching them down with zig zag and other stitching.

Here's how the two big pieces look before I cut them up into the four ATC's that I was trying to make for the swap.
Here's how the first four look after they've been cut apart and then zig zagged around the edge. Yes, and I stink at measuring, one of these is quite a bit bigger than the others. Sorry to whoever got the extra-big-bonus-sized ATC from me.

And here are the one's that I traded for! Aren't they great? From top left they are by Dolores Miller, Terri Thayer, Linda Cline, Carolyn Ogg and Bronwen McInerney. You'll note that there are 5, there was one left over after all the trading, and I got to take it home, promising to make one more for the person who didn't receive one from me.
And so I did, out of the scraps left over from the first four (now that's some obsessive recycling eh?!) and took a giant solo picture of it.Then before I mailed it off, I noticed that it matched eerily well with the fabrics I bought at the meeting that I showed you yesterday. Like so well the ATC could blend in and hide. No wonder I chose those fabrics, I guess I'm in a color rut or something. Hey at least they're a pretty color combo, right? Could certainly be worse!
I hope we keep swapping ATC's with our group, it is really fun and I like collecting these little works of art.

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Jaye said...

Before I read the comment about the bottom picture. I thought you were going to say that you were making a deck sleeve/holder from the new fabric It does go well with your color choices.