Monday, September 14, 2009

Up On The Roof, Again

Another recent field trip was going up to the California Academy of Sciences with my parents, this time my husband was able to come with us, so he got to see what we've been raving about for almost a year now. Here are the boys with my mom and dad up on the living roof. There was a lot to see even though we'd already visited once. Plus, this is the kind of place that I could come back to again and again because *the place itself is so worth visiting, just to be there.* I can't think of too many other places like that, well Yosemite of course, but you hopefully get what I mean.
One of the first things Alex noticed was that the atrium roof looked very different. "Mom isn't that duct tape up there?" I thought, no it couldn't be, duct tape all over the roof of this sparkling new amazing building.Well, since my husband is of course quite the duct tape aficionado and connoisseur he had to ask and the answer was truly surprising. It turns out that they were having to re-caulk the seams of all those ceiling window pieces and the duct tape was to hold the pieces together while the caulking took time to set up and cure correctly. How about that? I don't know why that is so cool to know about, but somehow I just love that something so prosaic and useful around the house as duct tape is used by this state-of-the-art ecologically marvelous museum too.It really made for a different look for that ceiling like train tracks or antennas or something. I wonder how the heck they are going to get it all off and clean off the sticky goo left behind. That will be quite the project!

And oh why not, how about one more butterfly picture?

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