Thursday, February 26, 2009

View Through Rain

Phone was finally fixed today (hooray), so now I'm racing around online trying to catch up. It seems like more than a week went by for some reason. I was really discombobulated without having the lure of an online hour or two to get me through my morning studio time. Not that I have to make myself go be creative or else, but it was a routine that was working really well for me, and I felt adrift without that routine.

I replaced that with reading instead, and read a whole lot of books last week, including (finally!) Twilight, which I read in less than a day.

It keeps raining, and I keep taking pictures of it, since that is what is going on.

These are from waiting in the car one recent evening, for my son to finish up his martial arts class.

I think the neon lights are really beautiful being spread out and combined in the rain. Especialy the purple cloud created from the red/blue OPEN sign.


Jaye said...

You could a color study a la Carol Taylor or Nancy Crow from the second to the last one.

I gave your blog and web addresses to Jim Milles, a law librarian who asked about talented quilt artist to make something for his office. Contact him via FB and get on board!

Caroline said...

Love these rain soaked views!

Laume said...

I was just checking in to see if you had phone yet. We had lots and lots of rain too - much more than is typical for this dryer CA. We had YOUR kind of rain. Until it turned white overnight. Sigh.
I get confused and restless when I get cut off too. It's like I'm a little rat used to my internet treat every now and then. If it's down, I keep going back to "the lever" anyway, pushing and pushing, but no little rat treat comes out. Very confusing.

Darling Petunia said...

What a neat idea!

Jackie said...

This is a lovely picture post. its a great inspiration for textile work.