Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How I Spent My Holiday Weekend

This is what the road down our hill looked like yesterday. A couple big trees that had been perched up on the mountainside fell over in the big rain/wind storm, causing a small mudslide. No big deal, except, they of course fell into the power lines. Very big deal. The fire department and tree service people were there right away. But they couldn't do anything because the live wires were wrapped up and in and around the trees. Several hours went by before the power company showed up and got to work.
It was a problem because this is the only passable road down the hill for a few hundred folks that live up here. It is possible to walk down our little street to town, but you can't drive anymore. Dear husband had to walk down and up twice, once with the teenagers that were having a sleepover and needed to get home, and once to fill up the gas can for our generator. It was quite a social scene with more people than usual out of their houses (in the pouring rain) griping about the power company and scheming on how to get down off the mountain.
We had a LOT of time for reading and quiet, which was a nice way to spend the holiday.

Power didn't go back on until 1:30 am, which I know because of course we had left the bedroom overhead lights on. What a way to wake up. Nice to have the power back on.
Today we're having a ton of hail! And wind, which knocked the power out again for a few hours. Good time for a nap, so I took advantage.
Here is what the trampoline looks like. Wouldn't that be a cold and slippery jump?!

And I'm fascinated by the sizes and shapes and colors of the hail.

Well, that's why I didn't post yesterday!


Caroline said...

What great hail! It looks like it would have been rather painful to be out in.

Lunaea said...

I never gripe about the PG&E folk -- bless their hearts for being out there fighting through the wet dark forest trying to get our lights back on! I always yell "Thank you!" out my car window at them in stormy weather.

Jaye said...

After the 1989 earthquake, we were without power. We lived in the flats on Cabrillo. We were awakened in the middle of the night by our landlady's TV blaring. She was extremely deaf and had left her TV on. It was right under our bed! She left her door open in case there were aftershocks so I ran down and shut it off and went back to bed.