Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Anticipating Coraline

I'm really anticipating going to see Coraline this weekend.

So is Alex.

And Zach too.

If you haven't made your own button portrait yet, go check out the Coraline website.
Here are two youtube videos about the movie which is directed by Henry Selick who also was involved in The Nightmare Before Christmas (another fave around here).
First part of the "First Look" on HBO (be sure and watch for author Neil Gaiman's fabulous dog, Cabal romping in the snow):

and secondly a truly creepy, Hitchcockian promo made by Neil Gaiman in his house, if you're even the least bit scared of buttons, do not watch it!:

An interesting collage and catalog of different types of buttons, which play a pivotal role in the story.

1 comment:

Walker Lady said...

What a treat to see the two video clips this morning. They make me want to make new dolls....with button eyes of course!
I won't be seeing this movie in the theaters but you can bet I WILL make it a point to see it when it comes out on DVD. lol
I was also intrigued by the hand written book...I have a lot of blank journals laying around....maybe I should write a book, just for me, not for publication, but a book that isn't a diary or personal journal, but a story...
Lots of food for thought here...Thanks!