Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Free Pillow

Another use for the free fabrics, a pillow. Because, apparently I just don't have enough decorative pillows yet. Hey, I have to keep my pillow-fighters well supplied, right?
These two pre-quilted, very soft cotton rectangular pieces were just calling out to be combined somehow. In my ribbon box, I found some blue and yellow ribbon to complement them.
First I went around the edge of each piece with yellow or blue thread, zig-zagging to keep the batting in a bit better. Then I used a decorative stitch to anchor down the ribbon an even distance from the fabric edge. Some buttons were used to hide where I had to piece together the yellow ribbon. It was the perfect size and color, so that was my solution to not having to run out and buy yellow ribbon.
Did the same process on the blue side. No buttons required as the ribbon was long enough. I figured this could be the lay your head down side, with no buttons to bug you.
To assemble the pillow I then sewed the two pieces together around the outside edge of the ribbons, left a little space, stuffed with leftover batting edges (never throw anything out, right?!). Sewed up the gap, and voila a cozy pillow. I'm using it as a reading pillow, very cushy and nice, plus the texture of the cotton is very soothing somehow.
This exercise makes me realize how lucky I am, because it is really nice to have all this stuff on hand and not have to go out and buy things to make something I'll really enjoy using in my home.

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