Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Phone

This Cake video of their song "No Phone" perfectly illustrates the current situation at home: No Phone!


No dial tone, thus no DSl. And no repair appointment until Tuesday next week. grrrrr.

Although I did see three AT&T trucks cruising around the neighborhood this afternoon, fingers crossed that they are fixing the problem right now this very minute. I have a feeling the outage is due to the recent mudslide which took down power poles and the phone lines with them. We didn't lose our phone service even though the power was out though. Just after a few very windy days. I bet they didn't re-hang the phone lines correctly. As a layperson guessing that is..

So if you're trying to call me, hopefully you have my cell number.

At least there is free wifi at the coffeeshop down in town which is where I'm posting from. Sitting here drinking expensive chai and watching the rushing river way down below.

Well, that is one way to lessen the interruptions at home and get some work done in the studio, I got a lot accomplished today. No internet, no interrupting phone calls, pretty cool. But more on that later, with pictures.


Karoda said...

use the heck out of the free wifi, sip the expensive chai s-l-o-w-l-y, and continue to do your own thing.

Karoda said...

oh, and i loved the video

Laume said...

That was a really cute video. And although it's sort of unnerving to be "cut off" like that, it's also a wee bit of freedom for awhile, doncha think?