Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mischief (and Mess) Managed

Well, here are the pictures of the studio after being completely rearranged, just in one day. Boy was I ever pooped! But I was glad that it was done, and I really like the feel of the room so much more now. Before, my back was to the door when I was at my worktable, and that is never a good thing, whether you believe in Feng Shui or not.
This first picture shows my main work area. The area behind my blue chair is a door-free closet space that has stacks of plastic boxes filled with fabric. And what do you know, they are all accessible now, because all the stuff that was in front of them is now across the room, which you can see in this next picture:

Here is most of the rest of the room, click the picture so you can read the labels I added. There are still several large boxes to sort through, but they aren't in danger of falling on anyone now which is an improvement.

Here is my thread organizer, finally up on the wall again. Now it feels like a studio. And there is my Cerridwen below the thread, stirring up her pot of creativity, my organizer full of rulers, behind that is a great creative calendar ArtPlay that Lunaea put together again this year (if you like collage check it out), above the calendar is Flora, who always watches over me to make sure I'm having fun, and above her is Mary in a metal shrine.

So, that is my big start on making my mark on this room, zing, shazam, this is now my studio!
I feel tons better about art making already, and have been very productive in the days since the rearrangement. What is that book title, "Move your stuff, change your life?", seems to be true, who knew?!

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Anne said...

Love the Harry Potter reference!

I always feel more inspired when my sewing room is cleaned up. I've been trying to get it organized again, wonder how long it'll last this time?