Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nice Niece Needs New Quilt

Here's some more progress on the quilt I'm making for my niece.
First of all, I bought some solid-ish fabric for the framing strips. I found that I just don't have enough "reads as solids" to make this quilt, in the colors requested. That's what the LQS is for right?
Blue, green, yellow, purple all of the same splotchy, hand-dyed look and a slightly stripe-ish pink. For the rest of the blocks I was hoping to have enough of my hand-dyes to fill in.

Here are how the first set of blocks made up with just the purchased framing fabrics, I wanted to see how they look together. Really cheery and happy! I'm liking having this up on my design wall as I work on it, the colors are very uplifting to work around. These are huge blocks, 15.5" square when finished, and I'm doing 5x5" or 25 blocks, so hopefully it will be a 75x75" quilt when done.

And here are a few more blocks made with my hand-dyes as the borders. I found it a challenge to come up with enough in these colors to do the 4.25" strips, but I think they play nicely with the purchased fabrics.
I'm pretty happy with how it is looking. All the blocks are now made, and I have to play around to find the arrangement of colors that I'm happiest with.


Quilt Pixie said...

those blocks are great. I love some of those novelties that you've used for centres :-)

Jaye said...

Absolutely amazing alliteration. ;-)

The quilt looks great and I think your color choices are wonderful. I am glad you notices how much different it is to have a quilt with cheerful fabrics on your design wall. I am noticing how dark my workroom is with the bullseyes up. I have to find a design I like, sew the thing together and get dots back on the wall.