Sunday, August 24, 2008

Inspiring Fuschias

Feeling the need to make something to do with fuschias. This freebie picture from Dover started it all. That and seeing how well my fuschia plants are doing this year (very unusual, as they're normally fried out from heat by this time of the season). I keep taking pictures of all the blossoms that continually are produced by these productive plants.
I have an early memory of a fuschia in our entry way courtyard garden when I was a child, there was a bench and you could sit on it and the fuschia plant was behind it, and it would wrap itself around you like a loving friend. And then all those tantalizing, dangling, juicy flowers would tempt you to just squeeze them to hear that pop and see what would happen. I don't remember if my mom got mad at me or not, maybe she wondered what kind of strange pest was attacking her fuschia flowers??
I think that something simple like this stained glass design would work well, but I'm not sure if I want to go in that literal of a direction.

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