Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fabrics Passing Through

I'm helping a friend sew up the perfect curtain for her bathroom, so she's been coming up with various fabrics to try out that will match her yellow and black counter tiles and the vintage artwork she wants to put up on the walls. Here is a vintage piece purchased on ebay, that wasn't quite the right color, so she gave it to me. I'm thinking it will make up into a good addition to my growing Atomic Pillowz collection.
And some freebie strips of fabric from the store to try out vs. the tile color. None of these really worked out either. We may be doing a black on white or white on black print, now the trick is to find just the right one. There are so many choices out there it is really hard to choose, very easy to get boggled, just for one example check out equilter's black/white category. Yikes, hard to narrow it down.

Finding just the ideal fabric is hard enough for using just a teeny bit in a quilt design somewhere, but in a curtain in your bathroom that you'll look at each and every day, a bit more important to get it just right.


Laume said...

That first piece with the circles is really retro cool - sort of Peter Maxx -ish. Is that the right name?

Lunaea said...

I found the perfect fabric! You can see it here: -- it's the fourth one down, white lines and dots on black. I like that it already looks rather like a bead curtain! Now all that has to happen is for Julie to work her sewing magic on it. :-)