Thursday, August 14, 2008

Album Cover Art

Have you ever bought a cd just because you really dug the cover art? Usually I resist, but I kinda already liked the band and it was on sale, so why not? (gee maybe this is why we have hundreds of cd's??). Anyhoo...
Turns out to be a really great cd, and I keep looking at that cover art and dreaming up all kinds of quilts inspired by it.
The cd in question is by Death Cab for Cutie, their new one called Narrow Stairs

Here is the cover art which is by the totally amazing ee storey (go check her stuff out, really cool).

My favorite song off the cd is I Will Possess Your Heart, it is 8:31 long, and about 5 minutes of that is the instrumental intro, really hypnotic. Here's the video which is pretty spiffy:

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Deb Lacativa said...

I did that years ago when it was still only album art. It was something by one of the Allmans with a macro photo of an impressive diamond ring placed in the center of what I think was a cactus plant.compelling.