Friday, August 08, 2008

Quilting Olympics

Diane at Going to Pieces has a great idea for a Quilting Olympics.

Hey why not? You know you're going to be watching a lot of the Olympics anyways.

I'm looking forward to the swimming and track events the most, and I hope they show the new sport, BMX off too.

As far as a project to do in close proximity to the one and only TV in the house, I'll have to finish up the hand quilting on my two class projects.
One from the Pamela Allen class and the other from the Laura Wasilowski class. Hey those rings almost look like Olympic Circles... I haven't made much headway on either, so hopefully I can get further along while cheering on Team USA.
And I can look up more info on Joey Cheek being denied an entry visa into China likely because of his work on the issue of Darfur with his group Team Darfur. A group of athletes who care about the issue of ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan and are trying to raise awareness about it. But at least one of their members, Lopez Lomong, a former "lost boy" is carrying the US flag today in the opening ceremonies. How cool is that!?

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