Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quilt Class on DVD

I went to a grand opening of Judy's Sewing Center in Capitola this last weekend and they were giving out little gifties, they were all wrapped up nice and pretty and I chose this one out of the basket:

Hey, I just took a class from Laura last summer which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm still finishing up the quilt I started, but that is because I'm trying to complete it with hand stitched quilting with perle cotton as she recommends. I really want to see how it will look as I've never tried it before, I'm about half done and I like the look quite a bit. Sure takes a long time though.

This was the very first dvd that I watched on my new laptop, good way to break it in, right?She's just as funny and personable on the dvd as she was live in class. It was fun to see all the great ideas for a sewing studio in the video, she did a big remodel just in time to make this video and you can see how well thought out the workspace is.
The dvd is put out by C&T Publishing, in their At Home With the Experts series, the same publisher that produced her great book: "Fusing Fun".
If you're wanting to pursue using fusibles in your art quilts, or wearables too, I'd recommend either the dvd or the book to learn all the tricks and techniques. I've been using fusible a lot more since taking the class last year, and I feel like it is actually a real tool in my tool kit now, instead of just something to use that might save time.

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Jaye said...

I like the way you phrased that: a real tool in my toolkit. Fabulous description!