Monday, June 16, 2008

Plastic Fantastic

A second photo for the theme of nude on self portrait challenge this month. But not too challenging for you right, dear reader? Looking at this photo I can see now that it is somewhat hard to tell what body part it is. It could be an arm or leg, but is in fact my back as seen from above, thus all the cleavage-y parts as I raise the camera above my head to get the shot. I chose this particular photo because I liked the shadows of the fence posts behind at that askew angle compared to the soft curves of the body. It is hard to admit my hesitancy in posting these pictures. But there it is, self-censorship, knowing that most of you who come here to this blog are not looking to see fleshy middle-aged body parts.
Here is a slightly more interesting look at the same photo put through a filter called plastic. Sometimes I wish I was made out of plastic, it would be easier to keep myself smooth, and to edit out my objectionable bits. And if I were just taking a photo of a plastic doll, that wouldn't be seen as challenging or objectionable or suspect at all.

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Mim Smith Faro said...

Cool filter!