Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cornucopia of Links

The new number is 350 when it comes to climate change, read Bill McKibbens' article Earth at 350.
"350 is the red line for human beings, the most important number on the planet. The most recent science tells us that unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million, we will cause huge and irreversible damage to the earth."
There are requests for art and ruckuses to spread the word, find more here.

Wardrobe Refashion: I'm not officially signed up, as the next round starts in July, you can sign up after June 15th. The intent of this is to not buy anything new, to make, refashion, rework or repurpose to clothe yourself (there is an undies exception!) and to share about it on the WR blog.

Quilting Bloggers : A fun searchable index of quilting blogs from all over the world. Go look someone new up, or add yourself, or find someone you've been missing.

I enjoyed participating in Put A Roof Over Our Heads, so I think I'll make something for this:
The Alliance for American Quilts has a new contest. "To review, the My Quilts/Our History contest celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the nonprofit Alliance for American Quilts, so your finished quilt (or quilts - multiple entries are not just permitted but encouraged) should measure 15 inches square. Because our mission is to document, preserve and share the stories of quilts and their makers, each quilt should express something about the personal quilt history of its maker. The one I'm starting for example, draws from the stash of my late mother and her sister, and incorporates the traditional Ohio Star block pattern because my family comes from Ohio. Feel free to interpret the concept of personal history in your own free-spirited way!
To download the rules and applications, click here. "

If you have some time to waste or just need to chill out try this game, Patchworkz. It requires shockwave.

I forgot about this fun and useful application called typoGenerator, you enter some verbiage and the program randomly chooses image/colors/fonts putting them into one image that is whipped up in seconds for you.

And finally, I just bought my first thing off of etsy! I've always been looking and resisting temptation, but I couldn't click away from this page. Yes, I'll admit it, my zombie fetish is now officially getting out of hand. But I think this will be a very popular mug in our house. I have rare bird finds to thank for pointing me to it.


Mishka said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for posting about my site, Quilting Bloggers. I really appreciate the support.

Happy Quilting,

jovaliquilts said...

Thanks for all the great links! I loved the typogenerator and mentioned it on my blog (though the images didn't show up), and linked back here.

Karoda said...

ooo, i was getting ready to get lost in the typing generator!

Jaye said...

Thanks for posting about the blog directory. I added my blog and hope to see some good traffic.

Jaye said...

BTW, I can do without the zombie theme, but I love the shape of the mug/cup. I know it will be popular in your house! -mutters to self: bunch of weirdos! ;-) -