Monday, June 09, 2008

Let's Call it Bare

I haven't done a self portrait challenge in a while, but for some reason, I thought I'd jump back in this month when the theme is nude. Hmmm, let's not examine that particular nugget too much, shall we?
This is a completely untouched photo, well not completely really honestly, just resized and cropped for modesty's sake. I really liked the shadows in this one.

I chose these pictures as they show the sunlight as bare and naked, and bending towards me. I also liked the balance of figure to sky/tree.
And then just to see how I look in purple.


Deb R said...

I love the middle one the best, because of the way the light is hitting your hair and skin. Lovely!!

geek-betty said...

goodness I'm always so awed by those brave enough to try this theme in the outdoors! lol
I love the sunlight on the first two.

madness rivera said...

I love the first one. Very goddess like!

bella said...

So pretty how the light is shining around you.

Vedrana M. said...

wonderful, i love the sun rays :) you look so free

Amarettogirl said...

Great sun play! i've been seeing rays of sun like this all week!! As a true sunworshipper I toast to your shots!

Here is my SPC: