Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fire in the Valley

A big fire is going in my area in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Bonny Doon. This shows the smoke yesterday early evening around 5:30pm, the fire had only been going two hours. In the foreground is my chimney.
The smoke just billowed up so quickly, the fire is far away across the valley over the rural highway and over at least one ridge of mountains. The area hasn't had a fire in at least 100 years, so there is a lot to burn, and extremely steep mountain canyons to try and firefight in.
We're feeling a bit nervous as I'm sure you can understand. But that is how it goes in the urban/wild interface zone. We've been hearing the helicopters and fire-fighting planes all morning, I sure hope everyone involved is safe.
Luckily the wind has changed and the smoke is no longer coming this way, and is barely visible from my house this morning. But the fire evacuees are being directed to my son's middle school. Hitting too close to home!


Jaye said...

Hope your house is not being affected. I think I remember that Bonny Doon is pretty far away from you? In the area, but far enough away so you won't have to evacuate??

Walker Lady said...

That fire stuff is soooooo scary! We have dear dear friends that live in Felton. THEY are very worried about that fire and had packed their vehicle for a quick escape if need be.
We don't hear about those fires here in Arkansas. I hope this one is contained by now.
Glad it wasn't any closer to you too!