Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Futons Need Covers

I finally finished up the futon cover that I have been making for the last year. It sat mostly finished for months, taking up a bunch of room in my sewing area, and generally pissing me off by its un-done-ness.
"All" that I needed to do was
  • put it on the futon
  • determine how much of an overlap I'd left myself for the closure in actuality as opposed to my measurements (which are always always always off)
  • take it off the futon
  • put in the closure
  • and then put the cover back on the futon.

Oh yeah, that's why I put it off, the wrestling with a queen sized futon bit. The way my arms have been lately, as well as my energy level, I just honestly wasn't up for it. So I picked a day that my husband was home. We've been wrestling with futon covers for most of our time together, so we're quite a team. He did most of the heavy lifting, wrassling part. And then lickety split I got that velcro closure in. The failure of the last purchased cover was the gigantic zipper. It basically just broke, like the teeth fell out in one part. So I thought I'd innovate and use an enormous swath of tan velcro along one end. It worked out well, and I like how it looks. Plus it is nice to have in the living room, instead of the uncovered look.

I bought the fabric at Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz in the upholstery remnant section, it was a steal if I recall at like 60% off, about $50. Way cheaper than buying a nice futon cover, not counting all the extra futon wrangling that went on. It is a really heavyweight fabric, and I used upholstery thread with a bigger eye needle in the machine to make it through all the layers. There is some left over, so perhaps some pillow will be happening...


Deirdre said...

That fabric would be perfect for a Linda Taylor type quilt. Glad you got the cover finished - I have several Pissing-me-off-because-they're-there-projects and I really need to DO THEM!

Maybe you will be the inspiration I need.
:-D eirdre

Laume said...

Pretty fabric. And I'm so there with the fear of futon wrestling. I bought fabric to make loose slipcovers (nothing fancy or fitted, just big shapes to tuck in, really) for all my living room furniture. Great idea. I never got past buying the fabric and just sort of tucking it in best I can in it's uncut and unfinished shape. It annoys me that I don't finish the task, but the idea of all that wrestling - sigh.

Jaye said...

You are an inspiration to all of us! All of this finishing of projects. I'll have to take a lesson! Nice work.