Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cornucopia of Fun

Smirking Rexie. Sideways for some reason?! He is a very patient subject for portraits and doesn't run off the first time the flash fires. Guess he is mellow or lazy, or both. No wonder I love him!
Some good smelly soap from Adrienne called "Temptress". I opened the tin to smell it and got a bunch of soap powder in my nose, fun! But now my nose is much cleaner than it has been in a long while. I guess the powder was from the soap bumping about as it made the trip with the Passionate Purples Bullseyes you can see behind it. More on that project in tomorrow's posting.
OMG, my youngest is 13 now! I am now officially the mother of teengagers. Those toddler years are looking mighty far away in the past now letmetellyou! As the years with them wind down so quickly, everything seems compressed, there are all these things I still want to do with them, go so many places, teach them so many more things, pant, pant, will there be enough time?? Hope so!
This was his present. An electric Jazz Bass Guitar. Woohoo, now both my teenaged boys are playing guitars of all types. We gotta 'em all, electric, acoustic, bass, and of course "pretend" for RockBand.
Yes it is noisy, but still fun. I'm still fiddling around trying to learn keyboard, and then we'll be the next Partridge Family, just you wait and see...(lifelong dream #37).
The noisy noisy deer are back once more. This is the daughter of "Dear Leader" from last year I think. They are noisy because they come at night on the hillside which is right outside our bedroom windows and trample around in the dry grass and gnaw on the fruit trees. Sometimes it wakes me up and scares the crapola right out of me. I still have yet to catch a good photo of them standing up on their hind legs to grab new apples off the lower limbs. Like a bunch of giraffes have invaded.
Oooh, and more goodies from the Exquisite Corpse experience, now going into round 2, these are fibers from Reta, nice huh?!


Karoda said...

i know somewhere there is a looney ward dedicated to healing the crazed mothers of teen-agers. may the force be with you!

Quilt Pixie said...

Hope you enjoy the teenage years -- must admit I found them the best years of being mom (son is now 17-18). A real level of independance, and great reward in seeing the responsible adult they're becoming...