Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pins and Earrings

I thought you might like to see one of the few things I purchased on our trip to Sedona, Arizona. A blue moon face pin from Robert Shields (yes Dara you read that right). Not from his big old store, but from a small cubby in a gigantic artist consignment shop called The Art Mart. I buy faces all the time, with some future use in mind, but this is already a pin, so perhaps I'll actually wear it?!
And I felt the need for yet another pair of hoopy silver earrings which I got at the same place, but from a different artist. The ear wires are way too short though, I'm used to a bit more length sticking out when they are in my ear. Hopefully I won't lose them right away.
And then I received a couple of pairs of earrings in the mail recently, one from Susan who is in the Exquisite Corpse group with me. These are very lightweight wood and I love the shape of the earring. Thanks Susan!
And then Adrienne sent me these lovely hoops which I have a perfect outfit to wear them with. Thanks Adrienne!


Lunaea said...

Hey, I noticed those wooden earrings the other night and meant to compliment you on them, but we were all chattering so much, I forgot! It was great to see you.

Laume said...

I woulda bought the blue moon too. pretty.