Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vacation Snaps

We just returned from our spring break camping vacation. Here are some highlights, mostly by sunset as you'll see.

Hole Digging was a big preoccupation.
Bike jumping also was attempted in the campground.
Dog Sleeping, oh was she ever tired out from running all day at the beach.

A very nice house on the cliff.
Dead trees look better when lit by sunset.
Setting up the tent a.k.a. fencing with tent poles until dad yells at you because you've hit him one time too many in the backside.
Getting buried up to the neck in the sand, mom promised not to post the ahem embellished body version of this photo.

Another sunset.
Closeup of sunset with cliffside plants.
Aren't those clouds beautiful?
Love that corona.
This looks like a sunrise, but that would have required a whole lot of traveling, so yes, it is yet another sunset.
The last skimboarding of the trip, in the light of the sunset.
This is what a liberal looks like when she is reading.
Light captured.
Lizard not giving an inch on the cliffside.
Manresa beach.

Alex reading.
The cliffs of Manresa.
Birds hunting in the surf.
The long view.
A happy camper (by sunset of course).

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Jaye said...

Do you think dogs ever worry about their nap ruining their bedtime routine/sleeping through the night?

Nice photos; looks like you had a great time.