Sunday, March 09, 2008

Only One at a Time

Apparently I am allowed to post only this one measly picture today. According to blogger anyways.
So this is a big picture detail shot of my most recently completed quilt "Black Hole Sun". It will be on display in the California Fiber Artist's exhibit at the EBHQ (East Bay Heritage Quilters) bi-annual show in Oakland in April.
All of this fabric is dyed or painted or stamped or batiked or etc... by me. My favorite fabric is the one on the bottom left, it started out as a linen/hemp woven check (I believe it was an olive and cream) which was dyed and re-dyed several times. The bits of this yardage that I have left are diminishing rapidly, so I'll have to do some more dyeing to create a new favorite.
I'm proud of myself for using the favorite sacred fabric, instead of saving it until the "perfect" project comes along. It is harder to do than one would imagine, and I've had to work at actually following through and using the "good stuff."

I really wanted to show you the other details, but will have to wait until the blogging gods and goddesses are in a more cooperative mood.

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