Thursday, March 06, 2008

All Free!

I love free fabric, don't you? That is the situation every month, a couple committed to recycling takes all the discards from the home dec industry locally and distributes to anyone interested in using them. Luckily for me, some of my fellow CQFA members went to this month's free-for-all and grabbed extras. Which I subsequently snagged at our meeting on Saturday. There were a lot of tote bags, grocery bags, and bag bags that were part of show and tell. So I got inspired and decided to try and sew some up for myself. I'm really trying hard to not get bags at the grocery store. And maybe having some that I actually like to look at will make it easier to remember to bring them into the store with me, every time. Some of these have nice brass grommets already installed, so I think I'll try and incorporate the use of those into the design of the bag I make.
This is a handful of silk remnants from a tie manufacturer that some of the members went to visit a couple years ago. This was up for grabs and I just couldn't resist, look at those gorgeous colors, different colorways on either side. I can see this being used in a wearable, coat of many colors perhaps?

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Karoda said...

That silk is beautiful. And I share some of your thoughts about this election. But for the life of me I do not know what Hilary Clinton has ever done to garner such hatred...I think it says more about the mind and heart of the haters than it could ever say about her as a person and politician.