Saturday, March 29, 2008

Very Colorful Eggs

As it is Spring Break, I've been away camping for a while, I'll promise to share those pictures tomorrow. But I wanted to put something colorful up here today.
How about some pics of our eggs that we dyed?
We used the usual Paas colortabs, in vinegar and a bit of water. Very intense colors if you are patient and don't yank the egg out right away. My brother and sister-in-law helped son Alex and I do them up right. And we remembered to make name eggs for everyone who came to Easter dinner, yay us!
All that leftover dye was soooo tempting as it has been quite a while since I did any dyeing. They almost talked me into dying the dog in colorful spots, but I thought it might rub off on the furniture and carpets, so down the drain it went.

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Deb said...

The dog would have loved it - my white rabbit loved being chrome yellow!