Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not Big Enough

Not Big Enough! Yet! The 4" square moster quilt isn't big enough for our bed quite yet. I've been adding rows to it though. And it is almost there. Nothing more annoying than a quilt that isn't long enough or wide enough...
The bullseye, (from the QuiltMavs BullsBalls Swamp) is also destined for the bed, but it isn't big enough either. Long enough, but not wide enough. So I'm making 14 more blocks to add on. In two long rows of 7.
Then these blocks will be added as part of a border. (From the Quilt Mavs Wonky Romans swamp).
And since there are scraps I have to make something out of them don't I?

1 comment:

Jaye said...

I love them all: Roman blocks, Bullseyes and the 4" square monster. The latter looks like a 4 FOOT square monster - or maybe 8 feet!