Monday, May 21, 2007

Seen While On the Road

A weekend of driving back and forth up and down, and taking pictures from the car. Probably not advisable, but at least I wasn't on my cell phone at the same time, or doing my makeup, or eating....

Isn't this a nice driveway? Painted concrete I assume. But I just liked the pattern and colours.

The Flinstones house on hwy 280, (which used to be white) is now a sickly orange. Were they going for terracotta perhaps? I think it stands out even more now, which one would have thought quite hard to accomplish!

The Port of Oakland. Taking this photo caused me to miss the sign for the freeway going to Berkeley, so I went partway to SanFrancisco over the Bay Bridge, turning around on Treasure Island, almost running out of gas, stopping to get gas, and being late for my class. Oops.

A motorcyclist's shirt that really caught my attention.

Some cool old cars got onto highway 85 as I was buzzing past on Sunday morning. There were about 6 or so, and it was fun to see them on the road.

Here's another one in the group. You sure don't see cars like these everyday.

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Jaye said...

You're right! The driveway is great. It looks like one of your dyed fabrics. Definitely looks like fabric you would use.