Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Music Helping Save Lives in Darfur?

As a benefit for their Save Darfur campaign, Amnesty International has a benefit album out, Instant Karma. Current artists of the day covering John Lennon songs. Could be good, could be bad right?

I just purchased the three songs that have been released so far on Itunes.

Green Day has covered Working Class Hero, thumbs up, a heartfelt, soulfull version.

R.E.M. (with their original drummer Bill Berry back from retirement just for this recording) covers #9 Dream, also a big thumbs up, but then I really dig R.E.M. Michael Stipe does a great job with the high notes in my opinion.

and finally Los Lonely Boys covers Whatever Gets You Through the Night, one of my fave John Lennon songs, they do it justice and provide a straight ahead , slow-rockin' version.
If you like John Lennon, you'll like these versions, and if you like any of these three bands, I think you'll enjoy these new/old songs.
Certainly for a very good cause!!

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