Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photo Thursday

For Photo Thursday on Create a Connection, I'm sharing a photo of what I find that I absolutely love, that isn't necessarily loveable around my house. I couldn't narrow it down to one, so here is a two-fer.
I absolutely love my mp3 player. It has freed me up, so I can roam around inside and outside listening to NPR on the FM radio or random shuffled music from our newly digitized music collection. We now have 54 GB of music on our system, and I haven't even gotten to the record albums yet. That will be happening soon, as we are getting a USB turntable! I love music and I am having a ball rediscovering all the tunes we have but never get around to listening to. The randomness of shuffle delights me, yesterday I had Miles Davis, then Iggy Pop, then Sinead O'Connor, then David Benoit, then Talking Heads, then The Shins. How fun! I always wished for my own radio station, and now I have it, all to myself! K-Julie is on the air! At least if you are hooked up to my earphones that is.
I absolutely love my digital camera. I can't believe how much I use it, compared to the older versions. I download photos and movies almost every single day now. Part of that is spurred on by blogging, and wanting to show you the newest, most current pictures of what is happening or what I'm seeing. I always have wanted to share my view of the world, and this camera helps me accomplish that. I'm such a visual person and I love trying to capture what my vision is with this device.
Hooray for technology!


holly said...

two things that I absolutely adore too. Wow! you can get a usb turntable?? OMG! I want one now!!!

Janet said...

I love my iPod,'re right, it's like your own personal radio station!

Fleur de Lisa said...

You've listed two of my favorite things too!

Melba said...

Hi Julie,
I sent you an email about you hosting Try day for June at Create a Connection. Please email me so I know if you still want to.