Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A pillow, now covered

This was a wedge-shaped pillow that I recently covered. Just randomly sewing together squares and rectangles without measuring, squaring up, or trying to match seams or corners. I think it turned out pretty well, and I like how it looks current even though it is from 70's batik-y kinda fabric.
Maybe kristen will recognize it? Her mom gave me the fabrics a few years ago when we met up at the very first Chicago Quilt Fest. The squares were in some stash she was giving away when she was moving. They were wrapped up with some upholstery fabrics which I was perusing for an ottoman I'm in the process of recovering.

Those squares already cut out and too tempting when I ran across them while sorting my stash. I must have some OCD thing about sewing together squares that I run across.
Like it is a compulsion I can no longer control.
Squares, cut out, just waiting to be resewn into something new.
Just an easiness, no challenge, no pressure, and I like how it comes out in the end..

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Laume said...

You know the ol' saying "Everything old is new again" - its funky cute. I need an excuse not to work on my remodeling - maybe I'll go play with some scraps.