Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day at Camp Joy

Another beautiful sunny Mother's Day spent at Camp Joy, where they were having the yearly plant sale. Even though we are CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) customers, we still like to have a few vegies in our own garden.

Inside the redwood grove with flash
and without

The rose arbor absolutely groaning under the weight of the beautiful blossoms. I took a short movie to capture the hummmmmmm of the bees. Wish I had a scent-o-vision option on my camera.
This is what garlic looks like! Doesn't it look like a plant from another world?
Here are the plants we chose: 1 "Bride" eggplant, 3 tomatoes: Camp Joy cherry , Isis Candy cherry , Mortgage Lifter (supposed to be 1 to 2 pounds each!), and 3 peppers: Hidalgo, Jimmy Nardello and Sullivan's Italian.
An interesting seed pod.
And I think this was a peony?! It didn't smell like one, so perhaps not. Anyways it was beautiful.

I also took a movie of the baby goats which is hilarious, I shall endeavour to figure out the embedding of a youtube video on ye olde blog later on.

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arlee said...

yes, that is a peony--some aren't as scented....sad...