Monday, December 05, 2005

Straight and Narrow #2

Here is my contribution to the Straight and Narrow Round Two challenge from the QuiltArt list. The only specs are that the height to length or length to height of the piece be greater than 1:5.
This piece is made out of the cotton lycra scraps that I have been working with for a few years now. I got them from a local clothing manufacturer through a recycling program in Santa Cruz County, called ProMax that matches up businesses with leftover stuff that someone might have a use for with those someones... like me! What is fun about these is that they are the scraps from cutting out cotton lycra pants, so they come in a stack of about 10 pieces all the same interesting shape. Usually I take one of these stacks and go off to assemble something. With the stretchiness of the lycra the shapes will become distorted and lumpy (thus applicable to my body series, hah!)

I discharged this one with a Clorox Bleach Pen after the assembly and quilting. And oh my goodness, looks like Clorox is on to we surface design nutz, they have a how-to sheet to discharge creatively (aimed at teens no less) with their innovative product.

Here is my statement for this piece:
Title: The Body Flexible

Size: 6"w x 47"l

Statement: Questions my body asks. How many times can you cut me open and still expect to be flexible? Can you inhabit me as I am and still remain in the world? How much flexibility do you really require of me? What have you done for me lately?


Karoda said...

Before I read the entry, my first thought at looking at the photo was "pod people" from Invasion of the Body I the connection to body is at least coming also reminds me of a cocoon hanging off a tree.

Elle said...

It reminds me of a vanilla bean. Yum.

Thanks for the Bleach Pen link.