Friday, December 30, 2005

Had a Beach-a-riffic time!

Christmas weekend was spent at my brother's house in Santa Barbara. It was just beautiful weather (as usual), and politely rained lightly at night only. The above is a shot of the beach on Christmas day, about 3pm.
We had a wonderful, relaxed time and thoroughly enjoyed each other and all our new gifts.

I have to gush about at least one of those pressies...My brother got us the superdeluxegiganto Calvin & Hobbes complete hardcover three volume set! Yowza. Since we've been home the boys have either been watching the James Bond movie marathon or reading those wonderful comic books. Aaaaahhhh, just lovely and quiet for me.

Which means I've been quilting, right? Right!
Actually quilting the chuppah that I showed in my first week of blogging waaaaay back when.
Made a lot of progress, but am as usual not doing so well with the fusibled portions. At this rate I'll be giving it to the owners on their 5th wedding anniversary (kidding!).

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