Monday, December 12, 2005

Remind me why I bought this

I did a little online shopping recently, on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me and all that.
And forgot about it.
When the UPS guy showed up, I was surprised and figured it was a holiday present for us or some such.
It was a box for me.
From equilter.
It contained several yards of batiks, which I vaguely remember buying during their big sale.
And this upholstery fabric.

And also this pattern.

Can anyone tell me what my plans were for both of these items?!

Because the fabric definitely does not go with this pattern.
Was I going to actually use the upholstery fabric in an actual upholstery project?
Was I just adding to my burgeoning stash of wearable patterns?
Who knows?!?!
I probably should surrender my credit card and quit cold turkey on this online shopping thing until I grow some replacement brain cells, my family's financial future might be in jeopardy.

1 comment:

Karoda said...

I love the pattern...and I'm sure you had good intentions with the fabric...pillows, a chair in your sewing room possibly???