Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday Re-Re-Reflections

Woohoo! It's Self Portrait Tuesday again!! Time to make with the reflective surfaces self portraits once more.
Here I am celebrating the return of the sun!

Me as a treasure. Putting myself in the don't touch it, that is BREAKABLE category, or at least getting to picture myself in the china cabinet.
When it is sunny in the winter, I have to go soak it up and enjoy it. Getting to sit under the sunbrella on the deck is such a treat. This picture is interesting to me because of the light/dark, color/nocolor contrasts, and that you can see the prayer flags twice, and the shape of the mountain across our small valley.
Sad because there isn't anything on tv, except me and my camera.
My mess. All mine! Not much of a housewife am I? Nope, don't answer that, I already know the answer...


Deb R said...

I especially like the top one. Are you reflected in a garden globe?

kristen said...

the first one captures your joy and inner child reallllly well! i love it the mostest. :)

these are such fun to see

happy solstice!