Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Simple Still Life Capturing the Light

Can you see the spiderwebs?
This one is taken through my hair:
Simple Still Life
I love how round the sun is in this one, as well as the funky green shape on the right side, almost looks like a chlorophyll cell close up.

I can hear my mom now,"Whatever you do, DON'T look at the sun!"
I didn't personally look at the sun, I made my camera do it.
Anyways, here is what my camera saw, in the afternoon, on our way out to go see the Narnia movie.
A small aside on one of the plants involved in this photo. This small palm tree has grown from a teeny neglected house plant which I almost discarded into a 6 foot high, 3 foot wide beautiful plant. I hope if we have a heavy frost this year it survives. It came from my Grandma's house, I think I may have given it to her originally. I look out my bedroom window and see it there waving at me, and makes me think of her. I miss my Grandma, but she still feels close in a lot of ways.

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Deb R said...

I like them all, but that one taken through your hair is way cool. What a great idea!