Friday, December 09, 2005

Simple Still Life: Simple Still Life #3 DUE

Simple Still Life: Simple Still Life #3 DUE
Sorry! Forgot all about this one.
So here are my fiddled-with photos. We were supposed to do 5 objects all alike, but I got a special dispensation to do 4, since the original picture was so very cool. I still like it quite a lot, and find it very calming and soothing to look at. The neutral, non-challenging naturally muted colors, the balance of having 4 objects fairly evenly spaced on a non-exciting backdrop of grey desktop.
So playing with this photo I introduced color once, just because. ANd I found that I did not find it to be an improvement, although I do find the repeating/shadowing/circular thing is quite intriguing. The other photos are variations on a theme of repeats and shadows. I like them all, but seet the last one as the best, reminds me of a Rosarch test or bonescan.


Anonymous said...

All of these are really cool, Julie!!

Deb R said...

I can finally see your photos! yay!! For some reason blogger has been refusing to show me photos on some blogs (not all, but unfortunately yours was one of them) for days now! But tonight I can see them.

Your SSL is cool, Julie. My favorite is the second-to-last. It's a bit Andy Goldsworthy-ish. The last one is very cool too.

And I agree with you about the one with color - surprisingly considering what a color junkie I am I think the one with color added is my least favorite.