Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yet Another Tarot Deck I Just Gotta Get!

DebR at her blog, Red Shoe Ramblings will know just what I am talking about here, the obsession to collect even more tarot decks. We both participated in the Tarot Art Quilt Project a few years ago, and have been steadily buying up new tarot decks and enabling each other in this expensive pursuit.
So, when I started out with the tarot quilt group, 5 years ago, we were all sharing online tarot decks that we ran across and someone said, oooh go look at this collage deck: Full Moon Dreams by Lunaea Weatherstone. A life-changing and wonderful result is that I've been happily studying and learning with Lunaea ever since.

Anyways! Finally finally finally Lunaea is offering a printed deck for sale. Yay! And Hooray! So go check it out and tell her I sent you *grin*.

I'm working on my own collage deck and quilt deck. But those will take me a while to complete at the rate I am going! But you can go check them out in their partially done state.

A new one that is intriguing is The Housewive's Tarot has great 50's imagery that I love.
And in case you're interested here are some of my recent acquisitions:
The limited edition majors only deck by Joanna Powell Colbert lucious, absolutely lucious.
The Artist's Inner Vision deck a collaborative deck, with amazing imagery.
The Triple Goddess Tarot By Isha Lerner & Mara Friedman & Tara McKinney, beautifully illustrated and a great book, this deck has 26 major arcana cards and 7 chakra cards. Very unique to have a card for the chakras.

Ok, enough with the Tarot Talk! (for now anyways).


Deb R said...

OMG! Julie, you evil Enabler, you! I SO didn't need to spend money on another limited edition deck right now, but OF COURSE I DID!!! Oh my.

Oh well, J & I don't actually NEED to eat for the next couple of weeks do we?? :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved those tarot cards.....thanks....I bought a set for my daughter for her b-day...she will love it! (She goes to school in UC Santa Cruz)


deb said...

What's to become of me with my tattered Universal Deck getting fatter and fuzzier all the time. I can't bring myself to give it a Viking's funeral...

Debra said...

I have 2 tarot decks (I officially need one more before it's a "collection")...

I have the OSHO Zen deck given to me as a present... and I have my favorite (do you?)

The Baseball Tarot.

So what do you DO with a multiple tarot decks?

JulieZS said...

Haha! I just knew I'd get a few of you hooked *BigEvilGrin*.

Junott, I live about 20minutes away from UCSC (Go Slugs!), and I went there for the first two years of college. If you ever come to visit let me know and we can meet up.
Deborah, can you trim the fuzzies off the edges? Or buy a new deck?? Use the old ones in collage or something? I don't think I could burn any of my decks.
Dar, Osho Zen is in my collection, and one that I use on occasion. I don't use all of my decks for actual tarot/divination work, but I do rotate using those on a monthly basis. The other decks are more for visual inspiration.