Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Angels in the Swamp

Swamp Angel blocks I've received so far from the QuiltMavericks, plus three that I finally finally made. Why was I procrastinating? Well, I made the mistake of reading the Alex Anderson book, Simply Stars, and got intimidated with her perfectness. Not something I aspire to, perfectness, but I admit it that woman does intimidate me. I mean, sheesh, she has a TV show, and many books, and I saw her quilts up close at the Marin Needle Arts Guild show, and they are indeed, perfect. It is actually an easy block(pshew) and that is what I'm working on today, getting those done and mailed out to my Mav friends. This is going to be a pretty quilt when the other's are all included. 12.5" blocks really make a big quilt top quickly don't they?

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Joyce said...

Julie - I love your blog. It's what I want to do in my blog. Well, one of them. Not the one I'm doing now, that's all about raising teenagers and deep and meaninfull emotional drek. But the quilting blog that I want to do, this is just what I have in mind. In my free time....

Anyway, keep it up, please, I'm loving it!