Friday, March 18, 2005

The Remainder of One Image Cards

More One Image Cards, I got them all done and sent out. This one had the frame with three faces as the stamped image.

Eye See You was the One Image

One Image was the swirly doodad

One image was the Satellite dish. Words are "Begin Receiving messages in your DNA."

Domino Girl was the One Image

This one came almost "done" with the paper, and the dressmaker form stamped.

One image was the eye stamp. I think this is one of my fave cards that I did in this swap.

This one was really hard for some reason. The image of the girl was printed on the card and seemed so perfect on its own, I didn't want to mess it up! The words are"I didn't do it."

Should have posted this one Yesterday in honor of St. Patrick's day and all. This one came with the celtic knot circle, and the card was green. I got really creative with adding texture, handmade paper, fabric scraps.

Jump into Art. Art stamp was the One Image.

One image was the Passion girl.

Marge adds it all up. One image was the row of numbers 1-0

Night and day. One image was the equatorial diagram on the left.

Couldn't jump her way out of a paper bag. One image was the paper bag. I used correct-tape for the stripes in the background.

Relax! The one image was the jester mask.One the left is courdoroy I glued on.

Let it Roll. One image was the ball with stars.

See the Evidence for yourself. The one image was the eye stamp.

Speak in Color, one image was the Art Deco Girl.

Greeting the Sun. One image was the woman.

Tara and Buddha in the sky. One image was the Buddha stamp.

One image was the woodcut tree stamp on the left.

Just make a wish! One image was the art deco ornament.
I'm really glad I did this swap, thanks RedDog Scott for organizing it!

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