Wednesday, March 09, 2005

3 Picture Day

Debra over at A Stitch In Time named yesterday 3 Picture Day. Here are my three pictures (one day late, story of my life!)

The Good Mornin' Picture! It's warm enough this morning to put out Merriweather our parakeet on the deck. He sings with all the birds, crows, bluejays, mourning doves, he knows all of their songs by heart.

The Midday Sniff! Zelda with her sooperdoopersniffer nose checking out the tulips, and hyacinths. What a warm day today, 80F at noon. I swear I can hear everything growing in the brilliant sun after all the soaking rains.

Hiding at Night! This is my studio cat, Pele. Her full name is actually Gato Peligro (danger cat). She had an accident as a kitten (her brother knocked over the scratching post somehow, hitting her in the head. She almost died, and we thought she'd be blind. But instead she's just weird, so she fits right in at our house! She doesn't come out during the day, lives under the futon couch in my studio. After everyone is asleep and quiet, she finally comes out to try to get her brother Rexie to play. I love the green eye reflection in this photo.

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