Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not enough Sedona yet?

Health update, no pneumonia, just severe bronchitis, so while I'm recuperating, time to bore you with more vacation pictures, hee hee.
Several of you asked for more pictures from Sedona, so here are some more for you, with my family in them just because I love them so much.

Mom and I by Oak Creek, this red rock is so smooth and beautiful, worn by the river. We were walking in a hailstorm by the way, very interesting to do that, luckily the hail wasn't too big. The river was milky and grey from the ongoing rainstorms.

Alex the mighty and tall. He loved hiking with his SF Giants hat and waterbackpack, oh and his grandparents too. Grandpa bought a book about cactuses which he studied up on and became the trip expert on cactuses. I think we saw about 15 different kinds, maybe more than that. They have a lot of neat structures for holding and delivering the spines.

Zach the beautiful and mysterious supermodel. Don't tell him I posted this one ok? He decided he liked Sedona after all, especially the food and the fun rock scrambling.

Marc (aka Mr.TieDye) at the top of the canyon, note the snow in the background, nice hat honey! He survived an encounter with a prickly pear cactus (fell off his bike!), still finding some spines coming out a week later, yeeouch.

My "Little" Brother Vince and his most Wonderful girlfriend Carolyn on top of Submarine Rock. Vince took us out there in his 4WD toyota 4runner, wooohoo is that ever fun bouncing and crashing around, haven't done that in ages, he was running circles around the jeeps for hire tours. Vince was taking photos with his good camera and tripod, can't wait to see his pics! Carolyn got Zach back on his bike again with her good-natured encouragement, he's been scared too since his accident in the summer when he broke his wrist. Good job Carolyn, Zach's on wheels again.

My mom and Dad in full-on hiking gear. They had fun watching the grandkids scramble wayway up high on Bell Rock. I'm so glad that they got us all together in Sedona, it was such a great place for a family vacation.

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