Friday, March 18, 2005

Sedona Bound

So, I'm off to Sedona, AZ for the week. With the whole fandamily (as Cherie always says). Should be fun, hopefully! It will be about 20 hours in the car. I went to the library and got the Harry Potter #5 on CD, which is comprised of 23 CD's! Yikes! So we'll have no shortage of entertainment.
And I'm so looking forward to meeting up with the fabulous Dara in person. As well as Kerris and Adrienne who are coming from Tucson. Yay!
This travel loving Sagittarius has been dying to get outta town and GO somewhere. But that means I gotta get off this computer and go finish packing. Since we're leaving in 4 hours. eek! Hope to be able to check in if we can find some WIFI in Sedona.


Dara said...

Wow, I got to meet Julie in person, and she is as ebullient and wonderful in person as she is in cyberland! Looking forward to another visit before she heads home on the weekend.

kristen said...

yup yup yup! she's all that and more!!
julie, i can't wait to hear all about your trip and hope it's full of pictures too. i've been imagining all the wonders you've been seeing and the fabbo people you've been meeting and seeing again.