Sunday, January 05, 2020

The Word Of The Year

Happy New Year!

I'm starting off with the word I chose randomly off of an online list.
The Word of the Year for 2020 is:


What are you worth? My answer truly depends on how I'm feeling about myself in that moment. The range is from less than zero to quite a lot.

What is your time worth? I realistically have what, maybe 25-30 years left? So realizing that there's a limited amount of my time that I can "waste". So my time is worth more to me now that I'm really understanding the truth of those limits. Not that I'm feeling that the "end is in sight" or anything like that, more like a reality check, it all will come to an end at some point. None of us gets out of this alive sort of thing.

What is your artwork worth? This can be a $ thing or an art for art's sake evaluation. Has it brought joy or inspired thought/feelings in others? Then to me, it has inherent worth. Whether that means $$ that's a whole 'nother thing.

What is your creative energy worth? A whole lot. It is one of the main things that sustain me. It's hard to imagine myself without having access to it.

Thinking about: External worth vs. internal worth.
External worth: What someone will pay for your art. What someone will say with their words or reactions that pay you in a non monetary way.
Internal worth: What do you pay yourself in positive self-talk? In finding inspiration in past achievements or innovations.

To me, finding a way to feel true worth in oneself comes down to accepting the earned confidence of achievement as a real thing and not a figment of one's imagination. That's a lot to work on this year. Challenge accepted! What's your Word of the Year?


Jaye said...

You bring up some really interesting questions. Initially, I was skeptical when you wrote that you chose a word off a list. I got the impression it was kind of random. However, you have clearly thought the project through. Any plans for the word going forward?

nina mussellam said...

This post affirms what I've been thinking about my possible 20 years left. I have had some major changes this past year- now I am parent-less and we've made major living changes, so my word for the year is Balance. Balance out the family and friend commitments, and include some things that I've been neglecting for myself. Thanks Julie.