Friday, November 22, 2019

Duvet Doings

 I've been working on the duvet cover I'm making for my daughter's birthday gift (a weighted blanket). I want to be able to give it to her on Thanksgiving next week, so I'm buckling down to get it done. Since it'll likely get washed a lot, I've taken the extra time involved to do French seams. I was very out of practice, but it really is easy and looks so nice when it's finished.
 Here's how the two sides look now that I've gotten them sewn together. The fabric that looks white is a pale pink with white circle-ish absract batik roses. I thought having one side be lighter than the other would be nice so she can have some variation in how her bed looks with the blanket on it.
Now to decide on snap tap, buttons, velcro or??? as the closure.


Jaye said...

Looks great! I hope Zoe liked it.

Jaye said...

French seams are a good idea if the duvet will be unquilted. This is what I have been struggling with regarding pieced duvet covers. I am not sure if making French seams would be practical for a project with small piecing. Still, it is something to consider.