Friday, November 08, 2019

Blue Back Done

 Got the back pieced together for the Kaffe Blue Squares done. Only to find that the binding I made is too short. And I used the last of the polka dot in the upper right hand corner there. Sigh.
I really like how this corner turned out with the stripes and solids.


Jaye said...

You have to rip the back apart. I have done that to retrieve fabric I needed for another project. Pre-quilted backs only. I don't rip out quilting. Unless the fabric is available somewhere else?

I think you are right. I see the blue basket fabric on your back. I posted a pic of what I have a few days ago. Obviously, I haven't started the piece yet. Do you talk about what you did differently from the pattern in some post?

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Luckily the polka dot is on the outer edge of the backing so it wouldn't be too bad to do some un-sewing. If I don't find the fabric at my LQS today, that's what I'll do.
I don't think I posted about differing from the pattern in the book, I'll see if I can write that up.