Monday, January 20, 2020

2020 Finish a Long Quarter One List

 The Finish a Long is now completely Instagram based, but I'm posting my list for quarter one here also, mostly for myself. I kept all the unfinished projects from last year, because they're out in my workspace and I want/need to get them done.

1. City Sampler - All 100 blocks are done, I have the background fabric ready to go. What's been stopping me is that they all need to be squared up. I just have to get in the mood to cut and maybe re-do some of them. 

2. Living Room cushions- the fabric is collected, the zippers and threads and pillow forms are all there.

 3. Color Box - This ones fairly big and needs to be squared up, the binding is made and needs to be sewn on. Then a hanging sleeve and label.
4. May You Ever Return -  The top is half sewn, half pinned, then quilting, binding or facing, sleeve and label.

 5. Stripes -  I have a plan, the "blocks" are mostly done and I have a plan for the setting. It's small enough for me to quilt and then binding, sleeve and label.

6. Celestial Round Robin - the top and the back are ready, the batting is pieced, it needs to be basted. I'm planning to quilt this one myself since it's small enough for me to manage. Then a binding and a label.
 7. Kaffe Blue Squares - The top and backing are done, the binding is almost ready. I just have to get it to a long-armer and then get the binding sewn down and a label added.

8. Griffith Park Skirt - needs to be hemmed and the waistband needs to be done. Just in time for spring a swirly purple skirt.

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Jaye said...

I am sure you know how to make a pillow. I have used this tutorial a few times and find it helpful:

Get busy sewing!!!