Monday, March 08, 2010

Yours Forever

Seventh in the year-long series of six-word memoir quiltlets.
This six words come from a commercially printed fabric which just seemed to suit the week it was made: "Yours Forever, Love In Endless Measure"
Obviously made with scraps from the "All You Need Is" quilt, recently finished. Done the week of V-Day, thus all the gooshy sentimental yet entirely heartfelt verbiage.
And look another one that is neither square nor rectangular...yes, on purpose.


Karoda said...

I truly like what you're doing with the 6 words visually :)

Jaye said...

I love this idea of 6 word memoirs. I can see 9 of them framed (or maybe 12 as a year project??) in kind of a 9patchy format. Perhaps they could float on a white matboard.

You are awesome and your work is moving to the next level. I see it; I really do!