Friday, March 12, 2010

Bathroom Before and After

The master bathroom that we added as part of our remodel, ahem, two years ago has finally been transformed into a for-real, useable bathroom. It is no longer a book storage facility and the world's biggest cat litter box room.
Way back when the plumbing was roughed in, the tub was installed, as was the sink cabinet and sink top. I painted the walls a nice cheery butter yellow. Then it sat there for two years taunting me as we tried to find and hire a competent tile installer. So finally, we found one that *gasp* returned phone calls, and *gasp again* actually showed up to do the work. Hurrah!
Take a good look, because this is as clean as it will ever ever ever be again.

Now I'm shopping for some good new herb plants to put in the garden window above the tub so that it will be easy to take herb-scented soaks. Ahhhh, such a wonderful option.
The shower is in a corner and we're debating on whether to install a shower door or not. Not much water gets out, and where it gets out is all tiled anyways, so maybe we'll skip it.The tile we chose is a kind of barely peachy mostly tan/brownish color with a fossil leaf or ammonite imprint on the decorative tiles. I love how calm the color of the tile makes me feel. It feels really great on my bare feet too. I was really impressed with the tile dude, he did a great job and I'm so glad we didn't try to do it ourselves. If anyone reading this is local to Santa Cruz I'd definitely refer you.
The race to finish the whole remodel before the permit expires is on! There isn't much left to accomplish, but it all has to get done or we won't pass final inspection and I really really don't want to pay those permit fees again.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!
Advice on the shower? Leave it open. I had a friend with a tiled shower much like yours and they did not install a door and LOVED it. (plus it's easier to clean, not that we should have to DO that....)
I want your bathroom... :D


Vince said...

hooray! finally done!

you could always do a shower curtain instead of a door. then if you decide you don't need it, just take it down. less hassle that way.

Anonymous said...

Julie, What a beautiful BIG bathroom. If I'd known you were waiting for a tiler I would have come and done it for you! I did both of our bathrooms in our house here in Spokane.

Good Job. What still needs to be done and when do we see pics of the whole remodel?

Jaye said...

Have you tried it out? Have you moved all of your toiletries to this room?

I vote rosemary. A little pinch and you get a smell. I am, however, a baby when compared to you and your plant knowledge so i am sure you will come up with some fabulous!